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Sakura: The Color of Spring

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  • sakurablue13@livejournal.com
i'm a freelance translator and editor, Japanese teacher, and appointed favorite aunt *busy lass, my Mom says*

English is definitely NOT my native language, so I'm having hard times on writing my stories. unless you understand Indonesian... *snickering*

so far, i'm depending on Len-chan, my fellow translator, as my beta. she's a certified English teacher *thank GOD!*

fell in love into writing since tender age, just managed to expel the courage to actually publishing it this year. the first one was a short story in Indonesian posted in my Multiply blog. "Hero Streaks" was the first in English

currently, i'm struggling with one of my first fics, "The Royal Family Series". the idea had been bugging me for like ages, but i found out that pouring it down into actual words are very much a different story... *sigh*

"Oh, for cryin' out loud!" *rolling eyes*
~ Jack O'Neill, SG-1 ~